A.J.Rawling   -   Optometrists & Contact Lens Practitioner

Retinal Photography

We are able to provide a hi-tech digital photography service
which uses a powerful camera to photograph the back of the
eye (the retina).

It is our latest tool to help screen for early signs of eye disease, such
as blood vessel changes in Diabetes and optic nerve changes in
Glaucoma, as well as many other conditions.

Photography is an enhancement to current screening methods,
as even small abnormalities can be detected or confirmed and a
permanent record kept for future reference to check for change.

No eye drops are needed for the procedure, which is quick and
painless - just a gentle light flash into each eye.

The service is available from our practice for a small charge and
can be arranged after your routine eye test. Just ask the examining
Optometrist for more details.